What is managed integration?

The epitome of working smarter, managed integration combines an industry leading platform with a team of data and integration specialists.

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The enterprise integration solution that just makes sense.

Managed integration covers everything you need to create connected, trusted data and systems. This can include everything from platform management, data strategy, and infrastructure setup, to integration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. 
Unlike traditional iPaaS solutions, that only provide a platform and leave the rest up to you, managed integration includes:
  • Platform management
  • Licensing costs
  • Build and deployment of custom solutions
  • Dedicated resourcing
  • Ongoing maintenance and improvements
  • Regular support check-ins

Realize true ROI.

Managed integration simplifies your total cost of ownership by providing the full package: people, process, and technology.

Safe, secure, scalable platform.
Benefit from one of the most secure, robust, and scalable platforms on the market.
Effortless and reliable resourcing. 
Integration specialists are costly and hard to find. We’ve got the team you can trust today—and 10 years from now.
Simple, all inclusive costs.
Say goodbye to expensive and unpredictable costs such as licensing, servers, networking, and security.

The shift is happening across every industry. Leaders are starting to think about integrations as they do infrastructure: a costly and complicated business component that needs to be rethought.

The rise of cloud computing and managed services are setting a clear path ahead.

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Managed integration helps you move from legacy platforms with ease.

We know migrating from a legacy platform is never “easy”. Managed integration allows you to offload the burden and complexity of legacy integration onto someone else.
Migrate from legacy SaaS platforms.
Move from on-prem to the cloud.
Alleviate point-to-point complexity.

Don’t get stuck in the middle(ware).

If you were starting a business today, you likely wouldn’t consider a data center or managing your own servers or software applications. However, many organizations still choose to take on an integration middleware platform, requiring costly licenses and a specialized team to build, administer, and maintain it. 

Managed integration offers a better path to modernizing systems and connecting your mission-critical data.
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Middleware Platform (iPaaS)

Unpredictable, hidden, and escalating costs to consider.
  • Annual license fee
  • IT and integration staff 
  • Training and certification
  • Platform configuration
  • Error handling and problem resolution
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Source code management
  • DevOps platform
  • Forced security updates
  • Release management
  • Resource constraints (vacation/rehire)
  • Rising core costs

Managed Integration

simple, all-inclusive pricing.
  • Dedicated team of specialists
  • Specialized infrastructure
  • Ongoing monitoring and resolution
  • Ongoing maintenance, upgrades, security patches, etc.

Find the sweet spot with Propel Integration Partners.

Remove the burden of integration complexity with North America’s leading managed integration offering. We’ll handle everything, creating a custom data solution that not only solves your challenges, but propels modernization.
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