Introducing Propel Integration Partners

February 1, 2023
4 mins

We’re thrilled to announce a new solution for the enterprise integration market. Propel Integration Partners was born initially in 2020 as Traction Propel, an alternative to costly and complex iPaaS offerings that just didn’t fit the needs of many customers.

Since then, Propel has evolved; we’ve listened to our customers to better understand their digital transformation challenges with managing the complexities of system integration and legacy modernization. 

We’ve found that organizations struggle to find and retain expert individuals to manage the complexity of enterprise integrations.

Striking the balance between people and technology

We also recognize the need for all organizations to have a defined integration strategy—whether you’re a scaling technology startup, a nonprofit organization, or an established enterprise financial institution—having access to accurate data and well connected systems is critical to success. 

Unfortunately, even the best iPaaS solutions still require significant expert knowledge, in both the initial implementation and ongoing maintenance, to realize your objectives and a strong ROI. 

A strong integration strategy requires both the technology and the people to learn your business and provide ongoing support. 

Partnering for success

When creating our offering, we knew we had to include the word “Partners” into our brand because that’s truly how we’re unique in helping our customers optimize their systems and data. We know integration strategy doesn’t span one implementation; it’s a long-term critical initiative that requires day-in and day-out support. That’s where a true partnership is needed.

Partner also represents what we love most about our business; we want to be the group you trust and call at any time (yup, even on a Friday night or Sunday morning). We love building those relationships with our customers. And our customers seem to love it too. 

“We’ve been working with Propel for over three years and I really can’t fault the team. From the start, it was a great partnership. The team is always there to assist and really easy to get in touch with.”

Nick Au, Aquatic Risk Services Manager, Royal Life Saving Society NSW
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People-powered integration

Propel Integration Partners provides managed integrations that help remove the burden of enterprise integration complexity by pairing our intelligent platform with dedicated specialists that know your business. The beauty of having your integrations managed is that it can be out of mind, out of sight: When your tech just works, it allows you to focus on what really propels your business forward.

We’re thankful to those who have helped us get here and can’t wait to support more of you tackle the always-challenging and ever-changing world of integrations. Ready to build an integration strategy with us? Get in touch—we’d love to partner with you.

Business propulsion starts with well connected data.

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